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Introduction To Software Engineering

Learn the fundamentals of software engineering

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About the course

Dive into the exciting world of software engineering with us! Our program provides a clear and straightforward introduction to the fundamentals of coding.

We've designed it to be easily understandable, no matter your background or experience level. It's like piecing together a puzzle, bit by bit, each piece leading you closer to becoming a software engineer.

Who will benefit

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You are an absolute newbie with zero coding background or you have limited coding knowledge

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You have limited time availability and want something that fits well in your busy schedule

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You have a strong desire to learn the basics of software engineering

Course Duration & Learning Modalities



20 hours per week



3 hours per week



14 hours per week



2 hours per week



1 hour per week

Progress Through The Program

Progressing Through The Program

  • Weekly compulsory evaluation quizzes
  • End of section mega quizzes
  • Minimum of one project per week
  • Two-week capstone project to be done individually

Graduation Criteria

To graduate, you need to:

  • Submit all projects and pass all quizzes with an average score of 60% or higher
  • Participate in, present, and pass an assessment for the capstone project

Program Structure

Project-Based Learning

Practical tasks and projects help you apply your skills to build fully functional web applications.

Flexible Learning Experience

Learn at a flexible pace with support and feedback from mentors and peers.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Build good fundamentals in all the essential tools and technologies to develop a full web application.

Weekly Schedule

  • Projects for the week released on Saturdays; due by Friday
  • Live learning sessions on Tuesdays and Fridays
  • Peer learning on Wednesdays for collaboration, discussion, and insights sharing
Weekly Schedule

Frequently Asked Questions

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